This was an educational project that uses a standard IP camera, OpenCV and open source code written by Claude Pageau.
A traffic event is counted if the estimated speed is over 14mph to reduce false positives from walkers and bicycles.
Speed is estimated by comparing changes in pixel movement in sequential video images.
Data is collected from dawn to dusk. Data is not collected during periods of rain or snow to minimize false positives.
Traffic Statistics by Date
(last 2 weeks)
Total VehiclesAverage Speed (mph)Vehicles Over 40 mph
Travel Direction (count)
Thursday 7-11-20246180   (0%)33
Tuesday 7-09-202473231   (1%)3835
Monday 7-08-202456222   (4%)2927
Sunday 7-07-202436200   (0%)2115
Saturday 7-06-202425192   (8%)1114
Friday 7-05-202448210   (0%)3018